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Glutathione plays a critical role in your body’s detoxification system. It’s possible for your glutathione to run low, so turn to the expert team at Elevate U Hydration and Wellness in Charlotte, North Carolina, for IV hydration therapy. To learn more about how glutathione can help improve your overall health, call the clinic to set up a consultation or use the online scheduler to book now.

Glutathione Q&A

What is glutathione?

Glutathione is a potent protein that both your cells and liver use to detoxify your body. It defends your DNA from damage, helps slow the aging process, and fortifies your immune system.

Nationally renowned functional medicine physician Dr. Mark Hyman named it the “Mother of All Antioxidants” because it helps your body expel toxins and bacteria and recycle beneficial substances for optimal health.

How do I know if I’m low in glutathione?

Every single cell in your body produces glutathione and uses it to protect you from free radicals, as well as dietary and environmental toxins.

Your need for this powerful antioxidant increases if you’re under a lot of stress or fighting a chronic disease, and your body produces less and less as you get older.

If you’re not getting enough glutathione from the food you eat, then you may be low.

Talk to the team at Elevate U Hydration and Wellness to learn more about a glutathione nutritional IV and how it can benefit you.

Is IV glutathione hydration better than taking a glutathione pill?

If you take an oral glutathione solution, your digestive system has to break it down, so it delays the effect you get from the supplement.

The knowledgeable team at Elevate U Hydration and Wellness offers IV glutathione hydration because glutathione enhancement through IV is the quickest and most efficient way to infuse your system with the powerful antioxidant.

The fast and effective Next Level glutathione IV therapy is $175 per session. For more information about Next Level glutathione IV therapy, please visit our pricing page.

Who benefits from glutathione IV therapy?

Replenishing your stores of glutathione at Elevate U Hydration and Wellness is helpful for anyone who wants to maximize their body’s natural defense system and fight the hands of time.

The nurses at Elevate U Hydration and Wellness can meet one-on-one with you to review your specific health goals and needs to see if glutathione IV therapy is the best choice for you.

If you’re looking for a powerful antioxidant therapy, consider IV supplementation at Elevate U Hydration and Wellness. Schedule an appointment over the phone or online now.