To both protect you from colds and viruses, and optimize your health, consider an intravenous Immune Boost at Elevate U Hydration and Wellness in Charlotte, North Carolina.

During your immune boost hydration appointment, the experienced nurses have you relax in a comfortable recliner and place an IV catheter in your arm.

Each of the blends at Elevate U Hydration and Wellness includes vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to address your immune concerns and other health issues.

In general, your IV drip takes between 30 and 90 minutes. You can close your eyes and relax. Pricing varies according to the vitamins you need and the blend you choose, so talk to your nurse about what’s best for you

To learn more about how to bolster your immune function with an Immune Boost IV therapy session, call Elevate U Hydration and Wellness to schedule an appointment or use the online scheduler to book now.