To restore your energy and rejuvenate your body, Elevate U Hydration and Wellness in Charlotte, North Carolina, offers a range of IV hydration therapy options to support your immune system and optimize your health.

If you’re dehydrated and need to replenish your vital nutrients and minerals, IV (intravenous) hydration at Elevate U Hydration and Wellness is a quick and efficient way to restore your health and rejuvenate your system. It supports your body’s functions, flushes out toxins, and helps your body absorb vital nutrients.

Through an IV in your arm, you receive a high dose of replenishing fluids, vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. Because the fluids bypass your digestive system and go directly into your bloodstream, your body can put the nutrients to work immediately and more efficiently.

Depending on your health goals and the blend your dedicated nurse recommends to meet them, IV hydration therapy generally ranges from about $75 to just over $200.

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To schedule your IV hydration session, call Elevate U Hydration and Wellness or use the online scheduler.